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We Provide Experts Create Great Value for Visa Categories.

Pie & Visas have been providing quality training and education to students for over many years and we continue to grow and innovate. Today Pie & Visas is a recognized as a leading provider of IELTS, PTE education and study abroad services internationally. We’re known as one of the best institute and we’re proud to have helped nearly 5,000+ students internationally to get started in their career journey.

At Pie & Visas, the health and safety of our employees is utmost important to us because we believe that a safe and healthy workforce would build business success. Pie & Visas commitment to the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and everyone affected by our undertakings.

We conduct our operations through efficient use of materials and energy, with minimum waste and damage to the environment.

We wish to ensure that our employees, who are an integral part of this CSR, grow as complete individuals, by bringing forth the leader in them who will drive change, rise above the situation and most importantly, develop a holistic perspective towards life.

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We provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and has a command over the education system world wide.

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